Meet GenTite

Our products have a strong history. Roofing has long defined who we are and what we do. With nearly 30 years in the single-ply industry, we bring native expertise to every product, system and accessory we offer.

GenTite has its roots dating back to 1915 with General Tire, one of the pioneers of polymers and reinforced plastics. Throughout the years, our commitment to meeting your needs has kept GenTite at the forefront of the roofing industry. And that’s why over a billion square feet of GenTite EPDM membrane have been installed across the country, protecting a wide range of properties, from commercial buildings and retail facilities to hospitals, schools and other institutions.

GenTite has always focused on the future, proactively seeking out better solutions and new opportunities to meet the needs of the marketplace.  Through research, we have produced a number of significant industry firsts.

1981One of the original suppliers of EPDM
1996Developed first 12-foot wide TPO sheet, meeting industry requirements
2009GenTite Residential Roofing Systems introduced to traditional Lumber Building Material market

Today, our durable roofing systems and components are designed to provide you with a high-quality product, easier installations and a complete array of warranties.