Privacy Policy

GenTite Roofing Systems, LLC is committed to protecting your privacy. By your use of the Website, you consent to be governed by this Privacy Policy.


Personal Information may include your name, your address including your country of domicile, your e-mail address, your telephone number, your fax number, your IP address, and/or your business type/profession (“Personal Information”).


This Website is directed to adults. GenTite Roofing Systems does not knowingly collect and/or share Personal Information about children under the age of thirteen on the Website. If, in the future, GenTite Roofing Systems collects Personal Information from children, it will do so in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998.


You can visit the Website without disclosing any information about yourself. However, to participate in any services, download any Content, take part in any other interactive feature of the Website, and/or receive information from GenTite Roofing Systems, such as newsletters or e-mail regarding upcoming events, you may need to register and provide accurate information about yourself to the Website, as the services and Content may not work properly without such information.


Additionally, the Website contains links to websites that are not operated by GenTite Roofing Systems. These third parties may collect data from you and share some of that data with us or others. GenTite Roofing Systems is careful when choosing its partners, sponsors, and affiliates, but GenTite Roofing Systems is not responsible for any misuse of personal information by such third parties. We recommend that you view the privacy policy posted on each website that you use to confirm that the site’s policies are acceptable to you.


Any Personal Information you provide to the Website is protected from unauthorized disclosure by commercially reasonable technological measures. If you have any questions about your Personal Information, please contact GenTite Roofing Systems using the Contact Us link on the Website. While GenTite Roofing Systems strives to protect and safeguard your Personal Information by commercially reasonable measures and other means, GenTite Roofing Systems cannot guarantee or warrant the security of the information you transmit to us, and if you choose to use the Website, services, and/or Content, you do so at your own risk. There may be additional security risks if you provide your Personal Information and/or password over a public or third-party network. Please keep in mind that the information disclosed by you on the Website — for example, information you may provide to others on bulletin boards or in chat rooms that may be available on the Website — may be collected and used by visitors to the Website.


Personal Information may be used for marketing and promotional communications by GenTite Roofing Systems, its partners, sponsors, affiliates, successors, and assigns. GenTite Roofing Systems respects the right of each user to decide whether to receive such information. If you do not wish to receive marketing and promotional communications from us or our partners, sponsors, and affiliates, you can choose to opt-out by contacting GenTite Roofing Systems using the Contact Us link on the Website.


The Website or GenTite Roofing Systems may be sold, or other transactions may occur in which Personal Information is one of the business assets transferred by GenTite Roofing Systems. In such a case, your Personal Information may be one of the assets we transfer.


By visiting the Website and providing GenTite Roofing Systems with Personal Information, you acknowledge and agree that due to the international dimension of the company, GenTite Roofing Systems may use the Personal Information collected as set forth in this Privacy Policy, and to provide the Personal Information to GenTite Roofing Systems’ parent companies, other GenTite Roofing Systems businesses, and selected third parties which may be outside your resident jurisdiction. In addition, such Personal Information may be stored on servers located in other jurisdictions. By providing GenTite Roofing Systems with such Personal Information, you consent to the transfer of such Personal Information.


To evaluate the Website and ensure that we are providing Content and services of interest to you, we may collect and store statistical information regarding how you use the Website, the name of your Internet Service Provider, the website that referred you to the Website, and the time and date you view the Website. We may also use Personal Information to develop demographic information regarding Website users. Such aggregated information will not identify you personally. We may share this aggregated, statistical information with our partners, sponsors, affiliates, and other third-parties.


From time to time GenTite Roofing Systems may place a cookie or Local Shared Object (LSO) on your computer. A “cookie” is a small line of code that is stored in your browser when you visit a cookie-enabled website. An LSO is a collection of data stored as a file on a user’s computer.


Cookies and LSOs allow GenTite Roofing Systems to track and keep records on user activity. Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies and LSOs. If you set your browser to reject cookies or LSOs, it is possible that some parts of the Website will not function. Moreover, in order to use the services, your browser may need to accept cookies and/or LSOs.


The Website automatically collects information pertaining to your access of the Website. Such information may include your Internet protocol (“IP”) address as well as other connection and usage data or information.


GenTite Roofing Systems reserves the right to access and disclose Personal Information to comply with applicable laws and lawful government requests, to operate its systems properly, or to protect itself or others. GenTite Roofing Systems may attempt to obtain the prior consent of the individual before disclosing the Personal Information, but it has no obligation to do so.


Upon your written request, GenTite Roofing Systems will (1) remove your Personal Information from GenTite Roofing Systems’ database (which may cancel your subscription to any service); and/or (2) correct or update your Personal Information. To request that GenTite Roofing Systems remove, correct, or update your Personal Information please contact GenTite Roofing Systems using the Contact Us link on the Website.


GenTite Roofing Systems reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. Please review the Terms of Use from time to time to ensure your familiarity with its terms. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact GenTite Roofing Systems using the Contact Us link on the Website.